An individual book to help other children understand about Autism, Asperger's or ASD

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A bit like a mini-portfolio or passport, you create a look-alike of your child and build a 24-page, large-sized, autism version of our personalised children's book to highlight your child. It's not designed to be a heavy read, just little snippets of interest about your child and their condition that could be read by their class peers and younger relatives to help them understand more about autism. The book features a simple look-alike cartoon of your little one that takes centre stage throughout (click here to see a few sample pages). Each individually made 24 page book is professionally printed, very visual & there are lots of areas to add your own words.

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Click here and select the Autism option under book themes, then recreate a look-alike of your child - hair style, hair colour, skin tone, eyewear, clothing, and add the first letter of their first name. This character will appear in the book you create. More importantly, you can tailor the text of your book so that it explains about your child's Autistic Spectrum Condition (incl. Asperger's Syndrome), any additional issues,explain about other children, their likes, difficulties and how others can help them with the way they communicate with speech, Makaton sign language or pictures.

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"It's a hit! thank you so much for a lovely book! My son took one look at it and said "I'm famous!" he was so proud of it he demanded to take it into school and show his teachers, support workers and class mates. It's a hit! ." Lucy, North West.

"I love the finish of the book, the size of the book and the characters are great! "A's mum, UK.

"It wasn't what I expected as I was expecting a smaller book, maybe A5 size. This is much better as it stands out when shown to a group and can be passed round easily." A's mum, Northern England

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