Fun, personalised books to increase deaf awareness for your child at school or at home.

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Build a 24-page, large-sized, glossy personalised children's book to explain how your child communicates; create a look-alike of your child - with hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids or cochlear implants. Explain to friends, family, carers and school staff about their hearing loss, show how others can help and add their interests and favourite things - click here to see a few sample pages. Each individually made book is just £9.99 plus shipping costs.

Personalise yoour children's book by choosing your text
Build your personalised chilldrens book character
Create your personalised chidlren's book!
Choose your personalised book text
Build your personalised book character
Create your book!

You can have some fun and recreate your child online now - change their hair style, hair colour, skin tone, eyewear, clothing, and add the first letter of their first name. Just click on the colour and styles and watch your character take shape. This character will appear in the book you create.

More importantly, you can tailor the text of your book so that it explains about your child's hearing issues, their hearing loss, the type of equipment they use (hearing aid, cochlear implant or bone anchored hearing aid) and how others can help them with the way they communicate with speech, sign or cued speech.

Of course, the kids will love them too!

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"It is wonderful! My son can't wait to show his friends at school. It's a great starting point to talk about what problems he has at school or in general. Super idea." Christine, West Midlands.

"Making the book together on line was fantastic. I found out that Charlie saw himself as 'hearing impaired' rather than 'deaf'. The whole process led to discussions we always wanted to have with him in a very natural and informative way - brilliant! "Emma, UK.

"Every deaf child can be represented in a book that is all about them." Gerard, Creator of Experience Books.

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